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Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

[Rezension] Ghostbound - Love is Stronger than Death (C. M. Singer)

C. M. Singer: Ghostbound - Love is Stronger than Death

When I heard that one of my favourite books would also be translated into an Engish version I was delighted. When the author C. M. Singer herself asked me if I'd like to read Ghostbound as one of her beta readers I was completely thrilled. Wow, what an honour! Thank you so much!!!
This sort of "new reading experience" was a true joy (even though I felt a different responsibility compared to reading books that have already been published) because the author and her team did such a fabulous job to please the readers 
Apart from the touching plot the light-hearted language is a huge plus. Ghostbound is a book capturing dedication: Passion for writing. Passion for enchanting every single reader. Passion for life in general. Go for it!

~ Book Review ~

When two fates become one

Elizabeth Parker is an ambitious journalist working for the London Star which isn’t exactly the most reputable paper in town but at least a stepping stone to her career. Especially since her boss wants Elizabeth to write about the devastating teenage killings that have happened recently. But, instead of doing her researches as usual things take a more than surprising and incredible twist. 
Elizabeth is thunderstruck. She is a person who has never ever neither believed in life after death nor in the existence of ghosts until she meets Daniel Mason who is not only a dedicated and handsome detective but also the person she has fallen for head over heels. Unfortunately Daniel is killed before they come to know each other better – a catastrophe Elizabeth is struggling with. Until Daniel reappears as a ghost only the young woman can see, hear and actually feel. A very special but complicated relationship and murder investigation take their course …

Ghostbound – Love is Stronger than Death written by German author C.M. Singer is a book with a tremendous storyline combining an extraordinary romantic bond, elements of a detective novel and paranormal phenomena.

C. M. Singer has created an intense story full of wit and love, tragic and dark secrets. The reader can truly feel this certain buzz of magic between the lines.

The components that make this book utterly unputdownable are unique characters that are both loveable and/or wrapped in mystery, a plot riddled with lots of charming details, and the author’s magnificently figurative and catchy style of writing.

There is such a lively atmosphere perfectly noticeable while reading the book. That’s what I absolutely loved because C. M. Singer is a master of breathing life into her characters.
The dialogues are bubbling over with honest authenticity and gallows humour. Furthermore, the mix of spiritual kinship and elusiveness, determination and separation anxiety provides tension from page one to the end and beyond.

At a first glance Ghostbound seems to be a love story with a difference (which it is, no doubt). At a second glance the reader will recognise and, of course, cherish a wonderfully sparkling reading experience highlighting strong friendships, rogue intrigues, exceptional gifts, and the finding and loss of a kindred spirit.

A page turner that delivers a glorious overall package due to its succeeded combination of the best of different genres, sophisticated plotlines and loads of emotions. Reading this story is like going on a spectacular journey which makes your heart race before you lose it. Besides, you will possibly be left behind kind of broken-hearted afterwards too. In a nutshell: It’s an electrifying story which I wanted to last forever!

IMPRESSI★NEclectic. Vivid. Fanciful.