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Dienstag, 7. April 2015

[Review] The School of Greatness: Podcasts by Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes: The School of Greatness (Talkshow/podcast) 

Little did I know that watching one (specific) interview/podcast would open something much bigger. It's almost like hitting through the wall on platform 9 3/4. Except that I didn't travel to Hogwarts, but to The School of Greatness.

In March 2015 Lewis Howes shared an interview with dancer/singer/actress/philanthropist Julianne Hough whom I a fan of. It's called Julianne Hough on Finding Your Passion and Following Your Purpose. I'm not going to lie, this interview's one of the BEST I've ever watched. Its positive energy and cool kindness are super contagiously. As are the given insights and epiphanies. I think both host and guest created something really unique and ... great.

As we all know, one thing often leads to another ... That's how I plunged into the massive pool of inviting podcasts provided by Lewis Howes. And, hey, I'm glad I did.

Picture: www.lewishowes.com

~ Review ~

Be the one YOU want to be!

Life should be lived passionately  that is the message former athlete and entrepreneur Lewis Howes is most enthusiastic about. He had big dreams back then as a professional sportsman, and he is still striving for an equally fulfilled life today. After a rollercoaster ride of a career Lewis Howes discovered his passion for business, marketing and sharing visions with people all around the world. Since then he has become a successful lifestyle entrepreneur, book author and host of a very inspirational podcast series called "The School of Greatness". The latter is an absoulte gem to listen to, and I'd like to tell you why ...

Since early 2013 The School of Greatness proudly presentend by Lewis Howes is not only a top rated talkshow in form of a podcast, but more important it is an effervescent and profound source of life lessons, advice and encouragement.

First, I'd like to say that I'm a huge fan of people sharing their journey, and underlining that struggles make life even more exciting because the variety of ups and downs can become a most motivational drive. This said, discovering the work of Lewis Howes is just a lucky strike. So, if you haven't "attended" The School of Greatness yet it is about time!

Lewis Howes shares loads and loads of honest, encouraging and well reflective thoughts, memories and ideas on his show. Every podcast is headlined with its own catchy title  like "You Are Limitless" or "How to Build a Business and Life You Love". But, the best thing is that the podcasts are totally brimming with content as good as it gets. The topics featured on the show include, among others, health and lifestyle, communication, art and science.

The awesome thing about the collection of podcasts is that you can't go wrong with whatever episode you pick. The Five Minutes Fridays which are short podcasts that feel like a brainstorming among friends provide a friendly dose of motivation. 
Then there is a wide range of longer interviews with artists, entrepreneurs, nutritionists — to name but a few. This line-up of guests makes it so easy to enjoy the show because many different views, interesting stories and helpful food for thought are shared. As well as there are always some useful take home messages for the audience listed on the blog.

Speaking of sharing messages, what I absolutely enjoy about these podcasts is the high level of authenticity. Lewis Howes comes across very likeable. The passion for his mission is constantly palpable. He connects with his audience. He builds beneficial bridges that last. And his guests make the show even livlier and more competent. 

You can either go to Lewis Howes' website/blog or to iTunes to listen to this podcast series for free.  

To sum it up: The School of Greatness is a "place" where ambition and dreams, charisma and intelligence, resilience and down-to-earthness become one. Lewis Howes is one of the people we should listen to more often! Unlock your inner greatness!

IN  NUTSHELL: Determined. Caring. Eye-opening.