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Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

[Rezension] Dancing to the Flute (Manisha J. Amin)

Manisha Jolie Amin: Dancing to the Flute 

After I had read the German version of this novel I told Manisha J. Amin that I liked the story quite a lot. Then she asked me if I was interested in reading the novel again - this time in English. Too lovely! Since I really, really enjoy Engish written books and I also wanted to get to know the genuine style of the author I said "yes". Not surprising, right?
Therefore, Manisha sent me an advance version of the book that'll be published in the US this February. Thank you so much!

As you might guess the original, not translated adventure of young Kalu is as marvellous as the story I've read before. Great reading experience again!

In case you're interested, here are the two covers. Look like siblings: kind of similar and, nevertheless, so different.

~ Review ~

Kalu is a boy who's used to a remorseless life, because he's a street-kid battling for his existence in the streets of Hastinapore, India. But, even though life's not treating him well he never gives up and is a truly faithful friend. Apart from his loyal friendship to Bal, Malti and Ganga Ba Kalu is absolutely passionate about playing on the flute. He's a natural - without any prospect of success. 
But, one day, Kalu meets Guruji, who's not only a healer, but also a musician with heart and soul believing in Kalu's unique talent. Therefore, Guruji makes Kalu an offer that will change his life forever. 

Dancing to the Flute is a wonderful and profound novel using the Indian raag as a theme and  telling a story full of joy and sorrow, hope and regret. Manisha Jolie Amin takes the reader on an unforgettable journey to a country characterised by extreme contrasts. On the one hand there are poverty, fear and hopelessness; on the other hand there are beauty, generosity and philanthrophy. 

The author has created characters, who have a strong will and fight for their dreams. Ethical values like friendship, trust and loyality - despite the social background - play an important role. 
The other message of the book is "Believe in yourself, no matter what!" Kalu is a poor boy with a huge gift: he can translate his thoughts into a melody. A talent that moves people in a similar way Manisha J. Amin touches her readers with this heart-warming, intense story.

What I enjoyed the most was the book's very special aura, which means I was totally absorbed in the story. The balance between the cruel and unfair side of life on the one hand, and the harmonious and inspiring side of life on the other hand was described beautifully. The power of music and priceless friendship are embedded in an authentic setting of cultural heritage, pride and destiny. 

Many opportunities are only given once in a lifetime. Dancing to the Flute is a great novel underlining this significant quintessence. Readers of all ages will enjoy this impressive story including the certain touch of musical magic.

FZIT: Moving. Inspiring. Transforming.